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What shape should I get?

January 9, 2019

Our three most popular shapes are Cat Eye, Doll Eye and a Natural Eye. But what does that mean?

Natural Eye Shape - This shape matches the shape of most people's natural lashes. Shorter on the outside corner, gradually getting longer in the center and the gradually getting shorter to the inside corner (tear duct) of the eye. This shape helps to open the eye. (We recommend this shape for those who stop your eyeliner at the edge of your eye)

Doll Eye Shape - With the doll eye shape we keep the same length from the center of the eye to the outside corner and then gradually make them smaller from the middle to the inside corner of the eye. This shape helps to open the eye up and out, giving a more noticeable look without being over the top. (We recommend this look for those who put a small wing with their eyeliner)

Cat Eye Shape - The cat eye shape is the most dramatic out of all of the shapes. It pulls the look out to the side giving a more sultry look. We gradually go from the shortest on the inside corner to the longest on the outside corner giving a sweeping look to the eye. (We recommend this look for those who do an exaggerated wing of the eyeliner)

The best part about extensions is that at every touch up appointment you are able to change up your look! Shape, thickness, amount, style. You name it and we can make it happen for you!